PHP Development

PHP is the most widely used open source server side scripting language which is suited for all kinds of web development and rich app building tasks. Capable to be embedded into HTML it is the most popular web development script this moment. Many of the world’s most popular websites including Wikipedia, Facebook, and Yahoo have extensively used PHP in their websites.

Thinkwik as the expertise driven web development company with highly skilled PHP developers can deliver highly customized web apps with PHP frameworks. From ecommerce sites to dynamic business websites to community tools to mobile optimized or responsive web apps to CMS and CRM Solutions we can deliver all niches of PHP development as per your business need.

What is PHP?

PHP is the most popular server side programming language used extensively for web development. With dynamic array of tools and extensive range of frameworks it is the most versatile programming language used by most web and mobile development companies worldwide.

PHP Frameworks We Are Specialized At

Laravel: Laravel is a widely popular open source PHP framework that ensures quality routing, simple authentication, migrations support, robust template engine and many more.

CodeIgniter: Codeigniter is a open source PHP framework backed by large user community. This is a feature rich PHP framework with advantages such as zero installation, ease of error handling, simple security and encryption steps, excellent documentation and rich built-in libraries and helper.

CakePHP: CakePHP is a widely popular PHP framework known for flexible templating and CRUD feature for database interaction referring to create, read, update and delete. It also offers a rich set of built-in features web elements like request handling, security, email, session and cookie.

WordPress: WordPress is the world’s most popular CMS and blogging platform used by millions of websites across the niches. Rich set of built-in tools, wide array of templates, ease of customizing the look and feel and high scalability are some of the aspects that made WordPress so popular among bloggers as well as business websites.

Joomla: Joomla is a versatile content management system that in recent years has earned great reputation for building dynamic websites and powerful web apps. Ease-of-use, extensibility and a wide array of powerful built-in tools have made Joomla so popular among web developers.

Magento: Magento is a popular ecommerce platform written in PHP atop the Zend framework that provides awesome platform for millions of web stores worldwide. High degree of flexibility, scalable features and bevy of control for shaping the UX, content and functionality of web store made Magento an ideal ecommerce solution.

Why use PHP for Web and Dynamic App Development?

PHP is a programming language which is designed specifically for web development with built-in capability for integration with MySQL, most popular open source database. With extensive range of tools and libraries, PHP is the most sophisticated language for web development. Here are some reasons to use PHP for web development.

  • Low learning curve: One can start with PHP very easily. PHP involves very low learning curve and this allows developer team to make use of it quickly.
  • Developer friendly: Compared to other programming languages like Java, PHP does not need to be compiled. This allows so writing the script and uploading straight to the server followed by an update in the browser.
  • Integrated support to MySQL: PHP offers built-in support for most popular databases such as MySQL, without requiring installation of any additional drivers for accessing MySQL.
  • Large global user base: PHP beginning its journey way back in 1995, seen the entire era of web development and its numerous twists and turns. In all these years of continuous development and evolution gave it the widest range of web oriented frameworks and libraries.
  • Rich set of tools: All major PHP frameworks come packed with an array of useful Libraries and Helpers making lot of things easier in development process.
  • Cheaper hosting: As PHP has been there since almost the early days of web development, it has been designed and evolved to fit the most popular platforms like Linux and Windows and enjoys great support from majority of web server technologies.

Different PHP Development Services That We Offer

At Thinkwik, the PHP developers are proficient in addressing an array of business focused custom development tasks by leveraging the diver tools and advantages of PHP frameworks. Besides, our professional team of experienced developers has proven technical expertise in related web development technologies like HTML5, CSS, jQuery and MySQL. Some of the key PHP development services offered by us include the following.

  • PHP Mysql programming
  • CakePHP development
  • PHP web portal development
  • Dynamic web app development with PHP framework
  • PHP Website maintenance and upgrading
  • Codeigniter framework Development
  • PHP web app customization
  • Ecommerce app development with PHP frameworks
  • PHP integration and migration

Why choose Thinkwik for PHP development?

Thinkwik is a globally recognized web development company focused to deliver future-ready web and mobile solutions for diver business requirements. With a consistent focus on custom programming with PHP frameworks we can design richer, fuller and performance driven web experience for our customers.

  • We ensure optimum customization to suit all specific web development needs
  • Our expert developers are versed in all major PHP frameworks and programming technologies.
  • We have dedicated and experienced team of PHP developers
  • We ensure optimum transparency in work flow
  • Besides ensuring qualitative focus we have an established reputation for rapid development
  • We offer 24 X 7 support over diverse modes of communication including phone, email, web chat, Skype, etc.