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Welcome To Thinkwik

Thinkwik is an expertise driven web and mobile apps development company helping businesses achieve their goal through robust and engaging web and mobile presence. The persistent focus on of our developers in user engagement and business conversion help companies gain competitive lead and maintain growth. Our expertise and skill set is dedicated to the growth of our customers.


  • Web design is rapidly evolving as the focus of the web shifted to mobile devices. We develop and design mobile optimized, responsive and custom featured dynamic websites for business clients of diverse niches. Adapting to device specific challenges and offering custom UI and UX as per the specific business needs is our core strength.
  • While mobile apps continued to grab the attention of businesses as potential window to interact with customers, employees and partners, enterprise mobility continued to flourish with more demands. Our dedicated mobile app developers for android, iOS and other mobile platforms can ensure building robust feature rich apps with custom design and functional attributes as per the evolving business needs.
  • Our Mobile Game Development expertise ensures bringing together aspects like creativity, programming and design skill and in-depth knowledge in gaming technology to ensure robust user experience for all mobile gaming platforms. Making gamers enjoy the game and engage with easy interaction remains to be our core focus.
  • As real time mobile apps are increasingly becoming popular to make mass engagement possible,businesses are increasingly banking on the promises of these apps to connect to people across geographical locations and diverse touch points. Our expert real time app developers can develop business focused custom real time apps for web chat, video calling, etc.
Why Hire Us
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Passionate to See You Grow

Ensuring competitive lead for our customers by delivering future ready web presence and mobile apps is our passion. All our design and development expertise get fueled by seeing our customers grow.

Focus to Ensure Quality

We ensure going through strictest tests across the devices and follow latest industry standards for all our web and mobile app development projects to ensure glitch free performance and optimum quality.

We Meet Deadlines

After we set a deadline for our project we put all our efforts to meet it. We ensure keeping customers thoroughly informed regarding the progress of the project and every step of the development until the end.

Expertise Driven Developers

We have highly skilled developers and designers with industry recognized expertise. We have experienced developer teams for all different mobile platforms, web and major programming languages.

We Ensure User Engagement

We develop simple and user friendly UI and UX for all mobile apps and websites developed for our customers to ensure optimum user engagement.

Space is The Limit!

Yes, when it comes to improving and adapting to evolving needs in technology and business, we believe space is the limit, if at all a limit can be identified in such a way!

  • I'd recommend Thinkwik to any individual or company looking to develop a digital application. They were a joy to work. They exceeded my expectations with timely deliverables, price that is right, being effective and efficient and above all being a thorough professional. It is very refreshing to see that a company operating from a site virtual from my own can be so responsive and efficient.
    Anand SivaramanCTO, Alltivity Inc.
  • As is common in the world of web development, I met Dipesh and his team during a project crisis point. We had complicated technical hurdles to overcome, financial issues and next to no communication with the original firm. Plus, we had run out of time. Thinkwik stepped in with cool heads, reasonable demands and a plan. Since then we have worked on numerous projects with the minimum of stress and the maximum of quality. In my line of work the most important thing, before anything else, is communication. Thinkwik never make me wait more than 15 seconds for a responseā€¦and that is one hell of a thing for any digital project manager.
    Seb MowerSebdigital
  • Dipesh and I have been working for 2 years and we have developed three e-commerce systems by PHP. We had experienced some Indian coding companies as well as freelancers before we met Dipesh, but now only Dipesh remains as trustable business partner. He can code beautifully at inerrable speed as long as requirements are clear. He is sincere and reliable whenever his urgent support needed. It is always stressless as it comes to communication such as requirement understanding as he has excellent communication skill. Five stars programmers.
    Osami NakazawaPresident, Majesty Corporation, Honolulu, HI
  • I have been working with Dhaval for the last 3 years on various PHP and web based projects. It has always been a very good & positive experience. I have always found his communication skills to be strong, and his suggestions to improve my basic design to be helpful and insightful. I wish him all the best for his new venture "Thinkwik"
    Stephen WrayCornerstone business sales and valuations