NodeJS Development

Node.js is a server side JavaScript based framework that in the recent years gained a lot of traction among the developers worldwide. Widely known for speed and efficiency, NodeJS is extremely lightweight language that can add pace to development because reusability of codes. This popular framework now has been extensively used in a wide variety of websites ranging from websites of small businesses to that of large companies.

Thinkwik is leading Node JS Development Company that offers comprehensive solution for diverse development requirements focusing on user experience and usefulness. Creating engaging business apps to ensure optimum customer satisfaction is our objective.

What is NodeJS Framework?

Node.js is basically the JavaScript on the server side which in practice can deliver really impressive results for web app development. Node.js is the server side scripting language with enormous scalability and capability to handle large amounts of connections while offering most sophisticated web app features and functionalities.

Why Choose NodeJS Framework?

NodeJS quickly rose as a competitor to PHP by offering fast paced development and deployment in run time environment. From delivering robust cross platform applications with real time edge to enhanced capability for streaming apps to low learning curve for developers thanks to its Java core, there are many aspects that made it so quickly popular.

  • Node.js with a JavaScript runtime using the V8 engine make compilation and execution of JavaScript at lightning speed, offering real fast development.
  • Node.js running excellent on concurrent connections makes developing real time multi user web apps like chat and games easy.
  • Node.js being really proficient at handling I/O, allows easy streaming of video and audio files through trans-coding at the time of uploading.
  • Node.js allowing writing JavaScript on the client and server can synchronize data between two points and thus helps delivering real-time advantage.
  • NodeJS not being an open source project runs least risk of being abandoned by its volunteer maintainers in the time to come. Node.js. is currently being sponsored by Joyent.
  • With increasing adoption, Node.js hosting is rapidly proliferating.
  • Almost every developer knowing at least a little JavaScript and so it is likely to offer very low learning curve.
  • NodeJS ecosystem is backed by a huge community of developers worldwide.

NodeJS Framework development services we offer

Thinkwik is a comprehensive Node JS Development Company, offers app and web development with NodeJS and support and maintenance and consultation for NodeJS apps. Here below the specific services offered by us.

  • NodeJS cross platform app development
  • NodeJS web development
  • NodeJS server side development
  • Maintenance and support for NodeJS apps
  • NodeJS consultation

Why choose us for developing apps with NodeJS Framework?

At Thinkwik , web developers are successfully using NodeJS for developing feature rich business apps in record time. Our team of Node.JS developers ensures app performance, rapid development and scalability. Here are some of the reasons to choose us for your NodeJS development project.

  • Our team of developers focuses on addressing customer needs in every aspect of development. At every step we offer you a clear picture of the whole design and development process.
  • We have proven track record and years of experience in developing NodeJS apps that made quick impact on customer’s digital portfolio and business outcome.
  • We follow highest industry standards and give particular focus on creating really engaging user experience.
  • Our support team is available 24X7 through different modes of communication like phone, mail, web chat, video conference, Skype, etc.