AngularJS Framework Development

AngularJS is an open-source framework used widely for web app development. Sponsored and actively maintained by Google and a robust community of developers this framework can help rapid developing of apps with ease of collaboration, maintenance, testing and rich features. Thinkwik is an expertise driven AngularJS development company team delivering feature rich, engaging and dynamic cross platform apps to meet diverse business needs.

What is AngularJS?

AngularJS is a open source structural framework for developing dynamic web apps. Allowing use of HTML as the template language and allowing extending the syntax of HTML it helps expressing components of the app with more clarity.

Why choose AngularJS Framework for your app development?

Businesses aiming to build HTML5 based mobile apps by making use of a leading framework rely on AngularJS. AngularJS is known for its capacity to create innovative, high performance, feature rich and dynamic HTML5 apps fully capable to meet IT expectations and business needs. Here are some reasons to choose AngularJS for your next development project.

  • It can easily manage the complexity in web app development by allowing you to deal with client side models as though they are on the server side.

  • AngularJS enables developers to create software quickly and with least effort.
  • By encouraging using the model as the main source of truth AngularJS actually applies object-oriented design principles at work. This allows easier software maintenance.
  • AngularJS having dependency injection at the very core allows easy testing of the software.
  • With models as the main source of truth in AngularJS, components can be created and libraries can be bridged among developers easily. This leads to better collaboration and quicker response time.
  • Learning curve for AngularJS is bound to be low as it is based upon one of the commonest programming language, JavaScript.

AngularJS development services we offer

AngularJS development service at Thinkwik having proven expertise in delivering a number of scalable dynamic apps for different business niches is ready to take any custom development challenge with this technology. Some of the key AngularJS development services offered by us are mentioned below.

  • AngularJS mobile app development
  • AngularJS cross platform development
  • AngularJS web development
  • AngularJS design
  • AngularJS consulting
  • AngularJS custom solutions
  • AngularJS support and maintenance

Why choose us for AngularJS development?

With Thinkwik AngularJS development team, you can enjoy optimum pace, performance, ease and dynamic design in your business apps. We have proven expertise in delivering the following with AngularJS framework development niches.

  • Real-time apps
  • Content rich apps
  • Innovative UX and UI for software
  • Integration of API

Some of the key reasons to hire us for AngularJS development are mentioned below.

  • Customer satisfaction is our primary area of focus and to ensure that we provide dedicated account and project manager to make your valuable engagement in the development process easier.
  • We have established reputation for our agile development process delivering quick results while ensuring your valuable engagement and feedback at every step.
  • The AngularJS developers of Thinkwik are well versed and technically skilled for building innovative and professional cross platform apps addressing your business needs.
  • We offer dedicated 24X7 support through different modes of communication like email, phone, web chat, Skype, etc.