WotNow is basically a mobile application that keeps track of all the events
happening nearby may it be related to work, sports, entertainment etc. Right now
it’s covering all the nearby Chicago areas and planning to cover many more parts of
the United States in coming months. It allows users to follow any organization,
event or any individual to stay updated with everything happening which
they would love.

The Backstory

Surfing through the App Store or the Play Store, there are quite a many applications that collect events and notifies you whenever any event is taking place but they still lack a lot of features. Users generally uses more than one application to track events as not every application is providing all that the users need.

Our Client, Anand Shivaraman, approached us with his idea of an application that tracks all the nearby events from the user’s location and provide everything else they wants to do with those events to be available at one place which makes lives of users easier and to track and manage events in a more convenient manner.

Event Tracking Strategies

WotNow allows the users to track the events and deals arranged by any organization, individuals or even any specific venue which the user loves to visit.

What makes it better

According to their writing on play store, WotNow is capturing events from more than 5000 different organizations which includes Field Museum, Navy, Pier, Chicago Bears and many more.

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Product Features

Use of Calendar

Wotnow manages all the events and deals in its own social event mobile calendar. The users can follow any organization or venue, these are made available for the calendar to track everything they are doing from time to time.

Create Your own Events

Users can also create their own events and invite individuals or circles to it. This gives them the flexibility to not just follow others for events, but also let them throw their own.

Social Media Integration

The calendar can also be integrated with Google and Phone’s calendar and even Facebook feeds to provide the users with more relevant results. This makes it easier for users to track everything at one place without switching between various applications.

Reminder & Notification

Whenever any event is taking place according to the users’ calendar, the application sends a reminder or a notification to the user’s with its location, time and all the other necessary information so that nothing is missed.

Share Events with Others

Users can share their events through email, text, Facebook or Twitter to aware others about their events and gang up with them to make up a great event experience.

Create your own Circles

The application includes a feature where the users can create their own circle via syncing their phone’s contacts or google contacts and use those contacts to share their event information with that specific circle without finding and selecting many users manually.

Analysis of User’s Likes and Dislikes

To analyze the application closely, to look out for users' likes and dislikes and to provide the users’ with what they actually wants, we provided analytics functionality within the application that tracks user's movements that helps in proper analysis.

Stay Updated with the Best Deals

The application updates the users to find the best deals for any event without searching it through a lot of different websites and grab the best deal for them.

This is not it

Apart from these, the application has many other features may it be showing venues and organizations on map, commenting via video/image or text, a strong feature to follow anything and searching for anything, checking other users’ activities or may it be suggesting the users with relevant results that he wants to see based on their interest, the application has a lot of features to serve.

How we Planned the Development


With the project already using some part of the Ionic, we decided to re-build in Ionic with its amazing native type look and feel and great performance.


To get access to device components like camera, contacts etc. we decided to use Cordova because of its proper documentation and flexibility with Ionic.

Open WebSQL

To improvise the performance and to make a lot of functionalities already available to the user without requesting every time from the server, a lot of the common things are stored in the user’s device already on regular intervals using open WebSql that boost the performance.


To make a great marketing strategy of the application and providing users with what they want, we implemented Localytics in the application that keeps track of the user’s activities and let business plan their needs.


At client’s request, we implemented AppsFlyer in the application which helps in deep linking functionality in a more reliable and efficient manner.


AdobeXD: To fulfill some complex needs of UX design and for implementing a wireframe of the application, AdobeXD was used which is powered by Adobe and is a more proficient and reliable tool available.

File Storage

Amazon S3: It is a storage provider to store any amount of data and easily retrieve it, also it has got a very simple web service interface. It is most commonly used for storing files as dealing with file upload is a very important and sensitive part of any mobile or web application.

Social Media

Social Media has been implemented in the application for login, signup and even for sharing feeds. Facebook has been used for login and sharing whereas Twitter, email and WhatsApp has been used to share the feeds or any event details whichever the user wants.

Push Notification


To aware the users about anything important or something they can miss, we used GCM for android mobile user to send them notifications on everything happening or anything they can miss out.


APNS is also a notification provider which delivers notification to the users whenever they are missing something or something that we want the users should know about. It is specifically meant for the Apple users.

Local Notification:

We implemented local notification functionality which helps the users to stay updated on the latest happening via providing them the local notifications.

The Server Side

The backend of the application relies upon PHP. The collaborators of our client were providing us the server side functionalities including API and others. In many instances may it be the unavailability of backend developers or may it be any problem solving for server side, our client used to approach us for helping with the backend where we provided all the required help that we were asked for.

The End Product

The end product is simply something our client admires us for. The launch was a success and it was admired by a lot of viewers and coordinators. Our client has an idea and we executed it via writing code and deliver him with what he expected or may be close to what he expected. The application is available on both play store and the app store with pretty decent ratings.

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Special Thanks

Anand Shivaram

CTO, Wotnow

For bringing a great project idea to us and being a very understanding and collaborating team member.

Joey Holler

Backend Developer

For the nicely planned and structured API development and his requirement understanding.

We believe that good projects are done between people, not brands.