What is Yaatrees?

This platform allows you to plan events and holidays. Users will be able to see events and holidays that other users have planned. It will allow solo travellers to create their own events or holidays and set their preferences for the number of travellers they want to join them.

Other key Features

  • Users can customize their profile on the basis of their interests and the system will show the recommendations.
  • The users will be able to chat with the event creator (one-on-one) as well as with their travel companions in the group chat.
  • Users can browse and get multiple details about the events, holidays or activities.
  • Users’ locations are displayed along with their statuses in MapView.
  • Based on the location of the user, an emergency number list will be displayed when the emergency button is pressed. Using their default phone dialer, users can then make a call.
  • From the application, the user can plan their flights and hotels with Skyscanner API, along with filters, and then be redirected to external sites recommended through Skyscanner API.

Tech Stack Used

Choosing the right tech stack is very crucial as it will have an impact on the entire development lifecycle and beyond. Our tech stack will make no compromise in providing the best solutions to the clients and fulfilling their expectations.

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