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This project aims to create a user-friendly website that provides information about the photography studio "Verve".

A warm and inviting design that conveys the photographer's passion and a family's bond and emotional essence in a picture.

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Features Highlights

Get a glimpse of the distinctive features and advantages of Verve.

An Overview of Services

The website provides insights into Verve photography services giving clients a comprehensive view of what the studio has to offer.

Verve's Vibrant Design

The website's eye-catching design truly captures the essence of Verve Photography Studios' work, instantly engaging visitors and drawing them in.

Package Insights

By researching each photography package on offer, potential clients will be able to make confident decisions that match their specific needs.

Booking System

Verves website seamlessly integrates a user booking system that empowers clients to effortlessly schedule appointments or make inquiries, through the site.

Why Thinkwik

Thinkwik combines its marketing and technical expertise to deliver the best IT services and products.

Having highly skilled, trained, and passionate team members ensures that we deliver work of the highest quality at all times and despite any challenges.

Thinkwik's user-friendly, robust, and affordable solutions impressed Verve's owner, who decided to work with us on his project.

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  • A website dedicated to the Verve Studio offers detailed information, services, and various packages related to their bookings, as well as showcasing their work.
  • It offers the users the best layout of photography services and detailed information about their four studios located in Australia.
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How we created Verve

The client decided to create a website for Verve, a photography studio, to provide users with comprehensive information about their services, packages, and their works. This allows potential customers to easily access and learn more about Verve's offerings, enhancing their understanding of the studio and facilitating informed decision-making when choosing a photography service.


Verve made it easier for users to find every detail about their services, various packages being offered, information about career opportunities, and a beautiful gallery showcasing the best captures by the Verve team.

Integrating social media into Verve's online presence allows users to connect with the studio across multiple platforms.

A streamlined booking system simplifies the process and improves customer satisfaction.

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From a comprehensive understanding of the client's vision throughout intensive brainstorming sessions. To assist the client in visualizing their idea, we provided them with a solution that beautifully showcased their concept. The client was not only impressed but thrilled with our careful attention to detail and the additional functionalities we incorporated, which added significant value to their project. Therefore, the client eagerly granted us the green light to commence work on the website immediately.

The project began with the initial step of the design. Firstly, visualized and transformed the themes, and plugins, we were able to craft a website that perfectly aligned with the client's needs. Additionally, the client desired a content management system (CMS) that would enable them to edit and update their website as needed easily. WordPress provided the ideal solution for this requirement.

As the website should handle user information, like what they buy and their payment details, really well. To make this happen, Verve was connected with Salesforce, a powerful tool known for managing customer stuff like sales and interactions. Salesforce became the heart of the website. It's awesome at keeping track of potential customers, staying in touch with contacts, helping sales opportunities grow, and solving problems.

A big part of the project was making Salesforce work together with WordPress WooCommerce, where people buy stuff. This way, when folks used WooCommerce to buy things, all the info about their purchase went into Salesforce. This will help to keep track of all purchases neatly. Also, made a system in Salesforce to handle payment plans (like paying in parts), and managed invoices too. The teamwork between WooCommerce and Salesforce made things run really smoothly.

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The Verve website offers a comprehensive platform for users to access detailed information about their four studios located in Australia. These studios are situated in Surrey Hills, South Melbourne, Rushcutters Bay, and Fortitude Valley. As Australia's leading family photo studio, Verve specializes in capturing and transforming precious moments, providing users with an unforgettable experience.

Divided into several pages, the website provides a user-friendly interface and a wealth of information. The home page serves as an introduction to Verve, highlighting its expertise in capturing and preserving loving moments. Users can search into the specifics of each studio location, including details about the talented team, user reviews, operating hours, parking availability, and a convenient map view. Additionally, a chatbox feature enables users to post queries and check studio availability for their preferred date and time. For those interested in staying updated, Verve's Instagram page can be followed for the latest updates and insights.

For a more comprehensive understanding of Verve's services, users can explore the “What We Do” page. This section provides detailed information, frequently asked questions (FAQs), studio specifics, and transparent terms and conditions, ensuring transparency and clarity throughout the entire process.

The recent shoots and gallery page serves as a visual showcase for users, allowing them to browse through images, read user reviews, and even view videos of recent photoshoots. Additionally, users can gain insights into the various packages selected by different clients, including frame details and client stories, further showcasing Verve's commitment to personalization and tailored experiences.

The Gallery page is a treasure for users, providing them with the opportunity to browse through images from various categories. Whether users are interested in family shots, artwork, maternity and newborn sessions, couples shots, or multi-generational captures, the Gallery page offers a diverse range of visual inspiration.

To assist users in making informed decisions, the packages page presents detailed information about all the offerings provided by Verve. Users can explore costs, package inclusions, and payment options, such as paying in full or through installments. Two notable packages offered by Verve are the Digital package, designed to cater to families with specific stylistic requirements, and the Family package, tailored to deliver a truly personalized experience.

Users have the option to book a specific package by indicating the number of attendees, which can be 1-9 or more. They can also choose the type of session, such as Newborn or Marriage. Additionally, users can select their preferred studio location, date, and available time slot from a provided list. After entering their contact details, they can review the booking and proceed to confirm it by making payment through various payment methods.

Verve's website offers a career section for job seekers, providing current job openings, required experience and skills, and salary information. Additionally, users can explore the blog section, featuring diverse categories like Marriage, Newborn, Individual, and more, allowing them to find articles of interest.

For those looking to give the gift of cherished memories, Verve also offers gift vouchers encompassing a range of family photoshoots. These vouchers cover a wide array of options, including family sessions, three or four-generation captures, newborn shoots, motherhood milestones, maternity sessions, sibling memories, couple portraits, and even capturing beloved pets. Lucky recipients of these vouchers enjoy personalized pre-session styling advice, a luxuriously styled studio environment, refreshments upon arrival, professional editing and retouching services, and the chance to relish a cinematic viewing of their images.

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The Verve website offers a wonderful experience for its users. With detailed information about studio locations, an immersive gallery showcasing recent shoots, comprehensive package details, and the option to purchase gift vouchers, Verve ensures that users can navigate the website with ease and make well-informed decisions about their photoshoot experiences. The website's user-friendly design, coupled with Verve's commitment to transforming moments into precious artwork, establishes Verve as a premier family photo studio in Australia

Tech Stack

Choosing the right tech stack is very crucial as it will have an impact on the entire development lifecycle and beyond. We make no compromise when it comes to providing the best solutions to the clients.

“Thinkwik created a stunning website for my photography studio, Verve. They understood my vision perfectly and displayed our services and packages beautifully. The site is user-friendly and captures the essence of my studio beautifully. I highly recommend Thinkwik for their expertise in web development, Salesforce integration, and commitment to excellence.” The Thinkwik team was professional, and responsive, and delivered the project beyond my expectations.”

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