What is Tradee?

Using Tradee, users can hire tradees(professionals) for a variety of services and the tradees can find suitable jobs for themselves. This platform is free for users to join and helps them to search for services and professionals hassle-free and efficiently at an affordable price.

Other key Features

  • Available to all for free.
  • Tradees can enter their detailed information and the services they provide.
  • Customers can easily find tradees with the help of many dynamic filters.
  • If users have any questions or queries, they can use chat support to contact the admin.
  • Easy to keep in touch with tradees providing their services via email and contact information for customers.
  • Customers get notified of the most important information to keep them at ease.
  • Users can add and remove payment cards for easier transactions in the future.
  • Social media integration for customers and tradees.
  • Customers can provide their ratings and reviews based on the service provided.

Tech Stack Used

Choosing the right tech stack is very crucial as it will have an impact on the entire development lifecycle and beyond. Our tech stack will make no compromise in providing the best solutions to the clients and fulfilling their expectations.

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