What is Thunder Education

Thunder Education is a school management system which lets any school to register with it and under the supervision of district administration, perform all the school administration which includes management of staff, students, parents, events, activities, etc.

Other key Features

  • Whenever the school administrator wants to send any notification to anyone, he can generate a message which can be forwarded to everyone authorized, on their mobile phones.
  • One can buy stationery items, bags, books and other things from the personal store.
  • Staff can upload an online question paper on the platform and using this they can conduct online exams.
  • One can add common information and regular events on a daily basis just like google calendar.
  • Staff can interact with the parents via a chat platform.
  • Video conferencing allows staff, teachers and students to interact with each other in real time.
  • Teachers can upload any electronic book in the portal.

Tech Stack Used

Choosing the right tech stack is very crucial as it will have an impact on the entire development lifecycle and beyond. Our tech stack will make no compromise in providing the best solutions to the clients and fulfilling their expectations.

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