What is Lukhere

On this platform, users can see all relevant details of businesses as per their preferences so that users can make an informed decision about selecting a business that is perfect for their needs. The application displays all the details of businesses in a very user-friendly format to make it convenient to select the right fit for them.

Other key Features

  • On one platform, users can find a wide variety of places easily. Examples: Restaurants, Hotels, Electricians etc.
  • The platform allows users to add their services/business details conveniently for other users.
  • The system maturely handles any fraud or claims. The user just has to take the action and the system will automatically verify the same based on the submitted proof.
  • Providing comprehensive information about a service or business, including its website, rating, contact info, address, hours of operation and a lot more makes it easier for customers to select the best business for their needs.
  • Allowing users to add a service or business to their favourites can also enhance their user experience, making it more convenient for them to revisit the information and potentially make a future purchase or booking.

Tech Stack Used

Choosing the right tech stack is very crucial as it will have an impact on the entire development lifecycle and beyond. Our tech stack will make no compromise in providing the best solutions to the clients and fulfilling their expectations.

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