Tradee is a mobile and web application which lets its users find and hire tradees for various types
of services and also helps the tradees to find suitable jobs for them. The website mainly focuses on the
New Zealand area which is later planned to be endorsed in more regions.

The Backstory

May it be someone’s home or a commercial office, with time, there arises many problems, which can be of water leakage, electricity breakdown, breakage on the wall and many. Our Client Ebi Banayan came to us with an idea to provide an online way for people to find and contact several types of service provider tradees in one place to make the lives of individuals and businesses easier.

He wanted to create a website which focuses not just on repairs, but also on services like gardening, shoplifting etc which helps users with a wide range of services. His idea catches our attention and we tied our shoes to start working on such an amazing project.

How the application works?

Users can search for their preferred services based on service name and also their location. All the tradees in the specified areas can be found and also can be contacted easily through email or their phone number.

color palette

CMYK: 0 49 93 0 HEX: #ff9727 RGB: 255 151 39
CMYK: 7 5 5 0 HEX: #ebebeb RGB: 235 235 235
CMYK: 3 2 2 0 HEX: #f5f5f5 RGB: 245 245 245
CMYK: 69 63 62 56 HEX: #363636 RGB: 54 54 54

Product Features

Tradee Portal

Interested tradees can go through become a tradee process, where after adding their basic details, services provided and location, they can list their business with the website where customers can find them easily.

Pricing Module

Tradees who want to signup needs to go under a paid service to endorse their business online. They can manage their subscription from their account section where they can renew/cancel their membership and also can view history and next renewal date.

Chat Support

For any question or queries, users can use the chat support where they can contact with the back office for any understanding of the product.

Search Tradee

People can search for tradees in a wide range of available services and a deep location search functionality based on area, region and suburb.

Rating and Review

Customers has the facility of rate and review the service provider based on their experience which can be viewed on every tradee’s profile


Customers can contact the tradee’s of their choice easily by either sending an email provided on request or by directly calling them.

Job Notification

Whenever a customer wants to opt for any service and contact the service provider, the service provider tradee is notified about it through an email notification, from where later he can opt to accept or reject the offer.

Cards Management and Settings

Users have the ability to add and remove cards for easier transactions the next time. They can set their notification settings for phone and email and also can update their profile.

How we Planned the Development

how we planned development
how we planned development

ReactJS 16.4

Being known as the most powerful and performance efficient front end development library today, our client wanted to go with ReactJS and therefore we used the most updated version at the time to carry out the front-end infrastructure.

Axios 0.18

To let the react website communicate with the web services, we used axios which is a developer friendly, easy and properly structured library for making http request.

Redux 4

To maintain the global state and use the common data sources across the website more precisely, we used redux which is a very updated and performance efficient library today.

Redux Thunk 2.2

To allow web services to work along with redux, we implemented redux thunk which let us communicate with the web services with more ease and also maintain the coding standards via considering the overall performance of the website.


For the server side rendering need of our client, we suggested him to go with NextJS which is a very popular and helpful server side rendering library. We implemented this technology with ReactJS to meet the needful.

Payment Gateway

We prefer using Stripe as a Payment Gateway for making the online money transfer easier. We used it because of its proper fraud prevention techniques which makes it a very safe option and also because of it’s good documentation.


We used Intercom as an online chat support programme as it provide nice ways of managing online and offline chat messages and also provide a nice visual UI to the users who are viewing it.

Social Media Integration

Login with Facebook and Google functionality has been implemented to let users signup using available Facebook or Google account rather than signing up separately.



It is a great tool for wireframing and creating prototypes of a website that let us see the component’s size, design and actions without writing any real code.

Bootstrap 4.1.0:

It has always been the most important design friendly tool with its nice and interactive styling css classes that speed up the development and give any application a pleasant look and feel.


Special Thanks

Alex Vaz,


For being available always and help us with the assets needed from time to time during development.

Ebi Banayan,

System Architect

For bringing us this project and always been a nice guy to help us understand the requirements and complete cooperation throughout the development phase.

We believe that good projects are done between people, not brands.