TNC Stories offers users to create their own story and share it with the world through a mobile application. May it be describing any event, imagination or recalling any past memories and briefing it, the application provides the feature to let the writer add story characters, scenes etc and arrange the conversation in order the story took place.

The Backstory

Everyone has got something to talk or express their feelings and thoughts to the world. Though there are quite a many platforms available today that let people express something and receive others view on it, most of them are just old school applications where people write their opinion or stories and others read and comment.

We liked the approach of our Client, Olawale Adetula, when he came to us with an idea of a mobile application that let people create their stories that cast characters, add relevant scenes, and rewarding writers with credits that can be cashed for their unknown stories. We asked one of our project manager to furnish this idea and add some extra sweets on it to make something exceptional.

How the Application Works?

Any user can sign up with TNC Stories and start reading or writing stories under any specified category. The administrator of the application monitors the number of generic hoots of any story and manages the pricing of it.

color palette

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Product Features

User Profile

Every user is provided with their own profile from where they can manage their feeds and stories. Users can also view their earnings from their profile and check their friends and request details.

Earning Credits

TNC Stories not only allow the users to create a new story and let others to view, it also rewards the writers for their work done. It the story is viewed by a good number of users, the reward points are credited to the writer's account.

Story Preview

For users to read the story without hitting for the hoots, a preview functionality is created where the users don’t tap for the hoots but still can view the entire story. Users can also react on any sentence through appropriate emoji.

Payment Gateway

For viewing the paid stories, users need to pay for it and therefore a payment gateway is implemented for it. With the immense popularity of Paystack in the region, it is implemented as the purchase source in the application.

Automatic Bookmarking

The application manages the bookmarks automatically so the users don’t have to start reading from start in case they forgot to mark a place. Whenever the user reads a story again that was left uncompleted earlier, he can start reading from the place he left.

TNC Columns

Apart from the application users, there are some stories created by the administration, which can be viewed in its specific section. Columns have been created for this purpose.

Privacy Manager

Depending upon the user’s need, they can mark their profile as private or public. The application monitors and restrict the user’s profile accordingly.

Subscription Manager

Users can subscribe to the application to view every next story and also can apply for update on changes in any of his favorite stories. The subscription can be managed anytime later through the subscription settings.

Social Media Integration

Users can login or sign up through the social media sources so they don’t have to sign up specifically for the TNC application. They can also share their favorite stories over social media to approach others to view it.

Reminder & Notification

On any relevant story to the user or on any update on the favorite story, a notification is sent to the users so they don’t miss things they don’t want to.

How we Planned the Development

Android Java

We used Android SDK, which is a library of Java for the architecture development of the android application. It is the most widely used technology for its significant performance and great support by the Java Community.

Swift 3.2

Swift has evolved as a very performance efficient technology for iOS development today with its clean syntax, security and fast development duration. We prefer using Swift as a main technology for iOS application development.

Laravel 5.2

Laravel has always been a very strong server side framework of PHP which is more secure, robust and helps in speeding up the development. We prefer Laravel for the API development from the server side, for the application like TNC Stories.

Payment Integration

Paystack: Due to the popularity of paystack in the region and on clients request, we implement it which is a widely used and secured payment gateway in Nigeria and nearby regions.

Database and Server

MySQL is something that can perform almost every operation a database need to perform and is the easiest and most popular. We used MySQL 5.7.18 for storing all the application data and used Apache 2.0 as the server.


It is a very nice digital drawing tool which provides a whole lot of assets, icon etc for the development purpose and is a very reliable source. It provides numberless functionalities that includes patterns, zoom, focus etc.

Push Notification

Firebase Cloud Messaging:

It is a cloud messaging provider which we used to render push notifications to the customers. It helps in communicating with the Android customers whenever they are not using the application which can be related to new offers, bills etc.

Apple Push Notification Service:

It’s a remote notification service feature provided by the Apple community for sending push notification in Apple devices.


For communication the server to the mobile device, Retrofit has been used to make API calls from the Android device and Alamofire from the iOS device. These are the libraries for making a server and client communication easier and in a more efficient manner.

Crash Report

Crashlytics (By Fabric):

It is used for managing the application crash records with reasons for an Android Device. Whenever the application gets crashed in the middle of using, crashlytics helps development easier by providing report with the reasons of the crash which helps in fixing issues easily.


It is used to generate the crash report, same as that of Crashlytics but for there iOS device. It helps iOS developers generating the reason for crash more easily and fix it in the shortest time possible.

Social Media

Social Media has been implemented in the application for login, sign up and even for sharing any story. Deep linking via social media is also implemented to redirect the user to TNC from different social media sources.

The End Product

The end product has been deployed to the app store and the play store and it has started receiving great response from the users. Some people are saying they have liked the concept of characterization whereas some are talking about the performance and the UI. We want to wish our client for more success with TNC in coming future.


Special Thanks

Olawale Adetula,


For approaching us to code such a great idea and his cooperation in building such a fantastic application.

We believe that good projects are done between people, not brands.