Thunder Education is a school management system which lets any school to
register with it and under the supervision of district administration, perform all the
school administration which include management of staff, students, parents etc.

The Backstory

Managing all the records of the school is a very common and sometimes hectic work. When this has to be done in numerous schools, this could lead to serious headache. Our Client, Shawn Ellis brought an idea of creating a school management system which can let the school department’s work in a more efficient manner.

He wanted to create a school management system which is not specific for any particular school but let multiple schools login to it and create a special administration for every district.

How the Application Works?

The super administrator can allow registration for any district administrator that can look after all the activities of schools within its region and can provide access to every school within its region to manage their schools in a more convenient manner.

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Product Features


The administration pattern for the application is divided into 3 parts containing :
Super Administrator - Rights to access the entire application and provide access rights to others.
District Administrator - Rights provided by Super Admin to manage all the school appearing within their assigned district.
School Administrator - Rights to manage their own school’s staff, students and parents and also manage their resources.

Personal Store

The application contains its own personal store from where students or parents can buy anything available. The store contains all the stationery items, uniforms, bags etc which help the buyers to not to hurdle via roaming at various places in search of it.

E-book for Students

The staff can upload any electronic book in the portal for the students and the authorized students can view the E-book and read it. Authorization can be created by the staff member and select the relevant students to view the right match.

Video Conferencing

For allowing students, staff and parents to interact with each other and discuss anything related to the performance or improvement of the student, all the three parties can have a video conferencing together in a online meeting.

Messaging System

Whenever the school administrator wants to send any notification to anyone, may it be staff, student or parents, he can generate a message which can be forwarded to everyone authorized, on their mobile phones.

Chat with Anyone

People can interact with each other through a chat communication. Staff can interact with parents through chat and discuss anything they want. The chat functionality is not limited to individual chat as it can be done in group to include student too in their conversation.

Calendar Implementation

Calendar is integrated for everyone to manage their personal doings on a daily basis along with common information related to holidays, events etc. Anyone can view this calendar and the authorized persons can add any new event on it.

Online Examination

Staff can create a question paper and upload it for the students. The question paper is then made available to the specific section of students and an online examination can be conducted.

How we Planned the Development

Android Java

We used Android SDK, which is a library of Java for the architectural development of the android application. It is the most widely used technology for its significant performance and great support by the Java Community.

Swift 3.0.1

Swift has evolved as a very performance efficient technology for iOS development today with its clean syntax, security and fast development duration. We prefer using Swift as a main technology for iOS application development.


Being a very powerful and performance efficient front-end architecture, AngularJS has become a web favorite framework for development. We prefer using AngularJS for most of our front-end dependencies which do not have any specific technology requirement.


For interacting with the server and making the real time chat and video conferring easier, we prefer using NodeJS with its immense power and asynchronous behavior that helps boosting the performance in a more efficient manner.

Database and Server

MySQL is something that can perform almost every operation a database need to perform and is the easiest and most popular. We used MySQL for storing all the application data and used ngnix as the server.

Payment Gateway

We prefer using Strips and as a Payment Gateway for making the online money transfer easier. We used it because of their proper fraud prevention techniques and banking infrastructure to make it a very safe option.

SMS Gateway

We used Twilio as a payment gateway for its globally available cloud API’s that let the developers work in in a more standardized manner and makes the SMS functionality easily available.

Browser Notification

We implemented browser notification for users to view whenever using the application on the desktop. We used the Javascript inbuilt notification service to implement the functionality.

Firebase Cloud Messaging

It is a cloud messaging provider which we used to render push notifications to the customers. It helps in communicating with the Android customers whenever they are not using the application which can be related to new offers, bills etc.

Apple Push Notification

It’s a remote notification service feature provided by the Apple community for sending push notification in Apple devices.

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Special Thanks

Shawn Ellis,


For bringing us this project and continually bringing new ideas to make the application ever more useful and user friendly.

We believe that good projects are done between people, not brands.