ShortKeys by its name implies, is a way for Android users to grab most of the
things readily available to them on their Keyboard. Shortkeys helps them create
their own shortcuts and save addresses, and let them customize their frequently
used sentences or words to be used anytime needed again.

The Backstory

When thinking about developing any product, the main theme of it is to make the lives of people easier and simpler. To provide them most of the things readily available which helps them overcome stress and live a more peaceful life, we came up with an inhouse product idea.

We worked on the product idea to make the lives of Android phone users easier by providing them with most of the things readily available so they don’t have to perform their common tasks over and again.

For whom is it Created ?

The application is available only on the google play store which helps Android users to avail some of the features which iOS provides and are not available in Android and extends it to provide a lot more wide functionalities. It is created by examining all the major shortcut needs of the users.

color palette

CMYK: 0 67 79 0 HEX: #ff5335 RGB: 255 86 53
CMYK: 15 2 0 62 HEX: #536062 RGB: 83 96 98
CMYK: 0 0 0 7 HEX: #ededed RGB: 237 237 237
CMYK: 3 0 0 75 HEX: #3d3f3f RGB: 61 63 63

Product Features

Application Shortcuts

We have implemented a functionality of creating an Application Shortcut in which any application available within the phone can be memorized by any of the keyboard keys that is assigned to it. Anytime the shortcut key assigned to any application is pressed, the user can find the application/applications suggestions assigned to that key without navigating specifically towards it through basic navigation.

Save Address

There are a lot of addresses may be of people, restaurants, places or others which users may like to save. Such addresses can be used very frequently to text other people for briefing them while typing so much using numbers, letters, special characters etc. The application allows users to save addresses and copy paste them on their text area whenever needed.


The application lets users customize their keyboard's design by themselves. They can put a background color or even can add any image of their choice to give their keyboards a new look and feel.

Text Replacement

There are many long phrases which are used so frequently. These words can be customized into any small character and on typing it, the full phrase can be displayed while letting user’s fingers relief from typing so much.

Speed Dial

Assigning people’s phone number to any keyboard integer and then using that integer to make a call to the assigned contact is implemented in the application. This lets the users to make a call while just making 2 taps on the keyboard instead of navigating to a lot of places.

How we Planned the Development

Android Java

There is no better alternative for building a mobile application for Android devices to that of Android SDK which is a library built in Java.


Shortkeys is specifically meant for the Android users and therefore is only available on Android Platform. It can be downloaded from the play store on any Android device.


For creating the entire design of the application and to bring the total perfection in the design, photoshop has been used for creating images and creating overall graphics of the application.

In-app Purchase

The in-app purchases has been implemented within the application itself, which let users take all the benefits of the application without switching to any third party library.

Emoji Library

We have developed our own customized library for emojis to personalize it according to the application needs and to provide exactly what fits more in the application instead of using any other library.


For the free users, we are showing advertisements for which AdMob has been integrated which is a Google’s advertising platform through which we monitor and manages the advertisement on the application.


It is a most widely used and is more reliable library for managing, tracking and quickly fixing the application crash problems. We integrated the library for monitoring the application crashes and quickly fixing it so the users don’t have to suffer.

Firebase App Indexing

We created a functionality for Google indexing of the application so it can be searched by the users easily. Firebase App Indexing is a library that helps in properly indexing of the application and let the Google crawls get active onto our application.

Local Push Notification

Firebase Cloud Messaging: For providing the customers a facility of push notification so they don’t miss anything and can avail all the new coming in the application, we provided them the facility by implementing a functionality of push notifications which will keep them updated.

comiere ipad

Special Thanks

Dhaval Patel,


For looking over the application himself and monitoring the development and marketing.

Akash Patel

Team Leader, Android

For developing such a nice application at a remarkable time.

Radhika Bhojak

Digital Marketing Manager

For bringing the application to the targeted audience and approaching them to avail all the benefits of it.

We believe that good projects are done between people, not brands.