Runaway is a mobile application build for both Android and iOS platforms that let
people create a trip to any place they want and allow other new faces to travel
along with him. It also allows people to get into someone else’s trips to enjoy a
whole lot of new experiences.

The Backstory

Planning vacations, but maybe not finding the time or sometimes not finding the right persons to travel with is a very common obstacle in most of the people’s life. Many businesses have tried bringing the people’s desires into reality through one way or the other and so does Runaway.

Our Client Kevin Trivedi, wanted to provide people a mobile application that let them create a trip or get into someone else’s trips and enjoy a whole lot of new experiences in their lives. He wanted to eject the reasons which stops people from traveling different places they always wanted to.

Share Everything about Visited Places

The application allows people to share photos, posts etc of their visited places. May it be with the application user’s or with someone else, people can speak anything about their experiences and memories.

Trip Plans Manager

From finding people to travel along with or finding the means of transportation or may it be doing calculation of expenses, the application allows users to avail it all in one place without looking for anything at any other place.

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Product Features

Find Transportation Details

Runaway allows users to find any means of transportation for their journey. They can select options from road trip to air trip or even can suggest any other transportation method whatever they like to.

Easy Searching Places and Trips

The filtering and search within the application allows users to search for any place they want to visit and also find a trip to any place. This mechanism is allowed for all the trips irrespective of the user following the trip creator or not.

Vote for Trip Location

The trip creator can add more than one location for the trip and the member participants can vote for any of these and the location with the highest vote is finalized as a winner.

Chat with other Participants

The application allows the trip participants to chat with the group so they can talk about any necessary information they want to discuss.

Find Housing to Stay

For finding the best place to live with proper space according to the participants' strength, the application allows users to search for their convenient housing and also let them filter results based on their needs.

Manage your Own Checklist

Add and manage checklist feature has been implemented for the things users may need to carry. It also allows other users to suggest anything that is necessary to carry along with so nothing is missed.

Find People Across the Globe

Finding any user across the globe who is using the application is very simple so user’s can follow anyone and track his activities which let them to stay updated.

Social Media For Sharing and Login

The trips created can be shared on WhatsApp or by Email which can notify others participants about the trip. The creator can also invite members who are not using the application to be a part of this trip and install the application.

Expense Calculator

On any trip making a Calculation to divide the sum properly among all is a major part and therefore the application provides it all in itself. The expense calculator divides the money properly among all, based on both common and individual expenses.

Reminder and Notification

Notifications of trip invites or calculation changes are all delivered to the appropriate members of the trip so nothing is missed.

Manage Your Profile

Users can manage their profile by themselves. They can add profile and cover pictures and also manage their followers and following. All the activities users make in the application are available in the profile section for tracking.

How we Planned the Development


Our Client wanted a mobile application in Hybrid that is available for all the platforms and so we decided to use Ionic as the front-end technology. It is the most reliable hybrid mobile technology today and a good match with a project like Runaway.


When using a Hybrid technology for developing a mobile application, cordova is our preferred requirement with its immense support with the native API’s and device specific features.


Since the application is written using Ionic and Cordova, it is available for all the platforms that Ionic supports which include Android, iOS, windows etc. We have managed all the OS specific functionalities to let the application give a real native look and feel in their relevant operating systems.

Local Storage

We prefer storing most of the commonly used data in the Local Storage which is available locally in the browser from where most of the records can be retrieve without making lots of calls to the server.


For designing the application, the project uses zeplin which cuts a lot of time in designing any application and also makes sure that designs are implemented perfectly.


For tracking the transportation method, we implemented Blablacar API which tracks all the cars traveling between origin and destination. Users can select any source of transportation based on their preferred timings.


We integrated Skyscanner Api which tracks all the flights traveling between the source and destination that the user types. The search for flight will list out all the necessary details of the flights traveling between the specified locations.

Chat Implementation

For letting the participants communicate with each other and discuss things, we implemented chat functionality using Server Sent Event. It is a new implementation of HTML5 for uniform signaling.

Third Party Libraries

For finding the hotels in the destination place, we integrated API which fetches all the hotel details with all the facilities available in it. Participants can view these hotel details and make up a plan accordingly.

Cordovapush V5

Cordova is a main source of communication with the insights of operating system and so we used the cordovapushV5 plugin to provide push notification to the users with all the information they must see.

Local Notification

Local notification functionality is implemented to aware the users about the invitations others may have sent them. Notification for a new follow etc. are also made available to the users so easily.

Social Media

We used socialsharing-phonegap-plugin to let users share their post on WhatsApp and email. We also implemented login with Facebook through a cordova plugin to let users login through the widely used social media platforms.

The Server Side

Runaway uses Slim (a PHP based mvc framework) for its server side implementations. All the API’s and some third party scrapping are done through Slim. All the server side implementation has been made by the different provider which we used for the front-end development.

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Special Thanks

Kevin Trivedi,

Project Outsourcer

For providing us the project and constantly and actively working with us throughout the development.

We believe that good projects are done between people, not brands.