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Node.js is a event driven, non blocking and a lightweight I/O modal build on Google’s V8 engine for creating lightweight, scalable and fast applications without buffering.
Huge Package Manager

Node Package Manager is a huge library of packages that are ready to use code and helps save a lot of time.

Increases Productivity

Making front-end and back-end work together saves a lot of time and hence increases productivity.

Easily Adoptable

Since almost every developer uses javascript on browser, it can be easily adopted on the server in the form of Node.js.

Use of Proxy

Being a server side proxy, Node.js works in a non-blocking manner and can handle the immense amount of connections simultaneously.

Application Monitoring

Node.js can track the website visitors and capture their interactions with the application to improve business needs.

NodeJS Consultant

To let you avail the full advantage of this technology, we provide Node JS development services to help you with the advices for your problems.

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