Hala Call is a mobile application created for both the Android and iOS users which
allow people to communicate with each other. It lets people have a video call with
others and also chat with anyone personally or in a group.

The Backstory

Connecting the people through one way or the other so they can find their loved ones anytime they want and talk to them has been simplified so much through technology. There are many applications available in the market which lets people talk to their loved ones. This was the main idea of our client to discover something which can keep people connected.

Our Client Ma’an Alnsour from Jordan, approached us for such a project idea through which people can talk to each other through a mobile application in group or individually. They can chat and can do a video call to anywhere around the world.

color palette

CMYK: 0 93 53 0 HEX: #ef325a RGB: 239 50 90
CMYK: 0 64 59 0 HEX: #fd7d64 RGB: 253 125 100
CMYK: 6 4 4 0 HEX: #ededed RGB: 237 237 237
CMYK: 63 55 54 28 HEX: #595959 RGB: 89 89 89

Product Features

Register with Mobile Number

Users can register their phone number with the application which let the application save their identity to make calls anywhere around the world.

Calling Process using VOIP

The users can make calls to any landline number or even any mobile number through the application while just typing the phone number of the person they want to talk.

One to One and Many Chat

Users can talk to any person they want to, individually and also can make up a group to chat with multiple people at the same time. These chats are saved in user’s device from where he can review it anytime later he want.

Video and Audio Calling

The users can make up an audio call with anyone around the world within the app itself. The functionality is not limited to audio as video calling has been made possible to all the application users to make calls easily. It can also be done with a individual or a group of people.

File Transfer

The application allows users to upload the files to the server and send them to other users wherever they want. The file will be transferred to the other person so it can be viewed and made use of.

Recharge Coupon

Recharge coupon facility has been provided within the application through which users can make a recharge of any amount and use it wisely according to their need.

Social Sharing

The information of the application or request for the application download can be shared through any social media or any other communicating sources available within the mobile phone. Users can share the app download request to anyone they want to talk to.

How we Planned the Development

Android Java

We used Android SDK, which is a library of Java for the architecture development of the android application. It is the most widely used technology for its significant performance and great support by the Java Community.

Swift 3.0.1

Swift has evolved as a very performance efficient technology for iOS development today with its clean syntax, security and fast development duration. We prefer using Swift as a main technology for iOS application development.

Laravel 5.2

Laravel has always been a very strong server side framework of PHP which is more secure, robust and helps in speeding up the development. We prefer Laravel for the API development from the server side, for the application like Hala Call.


For communication the server to the mobile device, Retrofit has been used to make API calls from the Android device and Alamofire from the iOS device. These are the libraries for making a server and client communication easier and in a more efficient manner.

Database and Server

MySQL is something that can perform almost every operation a database need to perform and is the easiest and most popular. We used MySQL 5.7.18 for storing all the application data and used Apache 2.0 as the server.


It is a very nice digital drawing tool which provides a whole lot of assets, icon etc for the development purpose and is a very reliable source. It provides numberless functionalities that includes patterns, zoom, focus etc.

Firebase Cloud Messaging

It is a cloud messaging provider which we used to render push notifications to the customers. It helps in communicating with the Android customers whenever they are not using the application which can be related to new offers, bills etc.

Apple Push Notification Service

It’s a remote notification service feature provided by the Apple community for sending push notification in Apple devices.

SMS Messaging

Sinch has been used as the messaging service provider to verify the customer’s address. Whenever any new address is added by the customer for delivery of his order, a one time password is sent to a customer’s registered number to confirm the address selected for delivery.

App to Landline or Mobile Call

We used VOIP technology to make up a connection between 2 different devices at 2 different locations to interact with each other. VOIP helps in establishing a connection between any landline or mobile device around the world.

Payment Gateway PayPal

When talking about creating a payment gateway to receive or transfer funds, PayPal is our first choice as being a very reliable source for managing money. We implemented the functionality of money transfer within the app using PayPal’s library.

Personal & Group Chat

For making a real time communication between the individuals or the group of people, we created a chat functionality within the application using ejabberd, which is a XMPP application server to handle the real time communication.

Video & Audio Call, File Transfer

We used WebRTC which is the most popular and strongest technology for making a video call connection between different devices and locations. WebRTC is also very powerful in securely transferring files which we implemented in this application.

Social Media Integration

Sharing with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram functionality has been made available to the users for both Apple and Android for customers to avail the feature of storing their basic information to the application without signing up separately. Customers can also share with their friends the reference to this application for them to download and enjoy calling anywhere.

Crash Report

Crashlytics (By Fabric) :

It is used for managing the application crash records with reasons for an Android Device. Whenever the application gets crashed in the middle of using, crashlytics helps development easier by providing report with the reasons of the crash which helps in fixing issues easily.

Firebase :

It is used to generate the crash report, same as that of Crashlytics but for there iOS device. It helps iOS developers generating the reason for crash more easily and fix it in the shortest time possible.

comiere ipad

Special Thanks

Ma’an Alnsour,


For taking our suggestions and letting us implementing technical approaches by ourself.

We believe that good projects are done between people, not brands.