EventBuz is a mobile application created keeping photographers in mind and letting them
signing up to the application to create their own profile and upload pictures or albums.
Non photographers can also sign up to the application and upload their images.

The Backstory

Clicking a picture and showing it to the world and finding people’s reaction on it, this is a common trend which has been followed by many businesses around the world. Taking this present trend to the new level is called the real art.

Our Client, Adewale Sangobiyi brought an idea to us for creating a mobile application that is specific to the photography industry. Unlike many other applications, the main theme of this application should be the photography which the users can find useful and can enjoy to.

How the Application Works?

The application lets Photographers create their own album and events in the application where they can upload number of images they wants to be. The non photographers users on the other side are restricted to uploading only images without creating their personal album or events.

color palette

CMYK: 0 79 59 5 HEX: #f33364 RGB: 243 51 100
CMYK: 85 84 37 28 HEX: #3a355c RGB: 58 53 92
CMYK: 6 4 4 0 HEX: #ededed RGB: 237 237 237
CMYK: 63 55 54 28 HEX: #595959 RGB: 89 89 89

Product Features

Events and Albums

The photographers can upload their photos and create an album to keep their specific photos in one place. They can also create events, may it be a marriage party or any festival and upload images of that specific event to keep the event separated with other photos.

Following and Followers

Users can follow other users and stay updated with their activities. Users can also follow photographers to check out their latest upload and react to it. The application allows anyone to follow any other person within the application.

Feed Listing

The application list out the feeds of their following users or photographers so as to stay updated with their latest uploads. Users and photographers can both check these feeds easily on their home page.

Display Trending Random Photos

The application is not restricted to display the pictures uploaded by there following users, but can also view random pictures uploaded by others users. This functionality helps the users to explore the whole lot of new experiences and meeting new people.

Comments & Likes

People can comment any funny message on any upload with their preferred emojis and also can like it which will be displayed inside the feeds section for both the users.

Search Events, People & Photos by Location

Any user can search any event within the application based on its location. The search functionality has been implemented so strongly that searching for other users, photos based on their location has been simplified greatly.

Save Photo to Timeline & Download

Users can save other user’s photos onto their timeline. These saved photos can be downloaded to their device anytime they want it to be.

How we Planned the Development

Android Java

There is no match in mobile application development for Android phones better than the Android SDK build on top of Java and is extremely fast and reliable technology for Android application development.

Swift 3.0.1

Soon after the Apple community has made Swift as the open source technology for iOS development, we started following it with its very many advantages over objective C. It is fast, error-prone and interactive with other platforms which helps in building a powerful application.

Laravel 5.2

Laravel has always been a very strong server side framework of PHP which is more secure, robust and helps in speeding up the development. We prefer Laravel for the API development from the server side.


For communication the server to the mobile device, Retrofit has been used to make API calls from the Android device and Alamofire from the iOS device. These are the libraries for making a server and client communication easier and in a more efficient manner.


Marvel is a great tool for the designing purpose which lets us work more in the cloud environment and allows us to create sketches. We preferred using Marvel for this application as it helps in easy uploading photoshop images and manipulating it live and storing it which helps developers to view it easily.

Image Filter

Aviary is an image editing component and a graphic creator tool that helps filtering image in a more efficient manner. We used Aviary for its great image cropping capabilities and quick and easy image editing capabilities.

Firebase Cloud Messaging

It is a cloud messaging provider which we used to render push notifications to the customers. It helps in communicating with the Android customers whenever they are not using the application which can be related to new offers, bills etc.

Apple Push Notification Service

It’s a remote notification service feature provided by the Apple community for sending push notification in Apple devices.

Crash Reports

Crashlytics (By Fabric):

It is used for managing the application crash records with reasons for an Android Device. Whenever the application gets crashed in the middle of using, crashlytics helps development easier by providing report with the reasons of the crash which helps in fixing issues easily.


It is used to generate the crash report, same as that of Crashlytics but for the iOS device. It helps iOS developers generating the reason for crash more easily and fix it in the shortest time possible.

Database and Server

MySQL is something that can perform almost every operation a database need to perform and is the easiest and most popular. We used MySQL for storing all the application data and used Apache 2.0 as the server.

comiere ipad

Special Thanks

Adewale Sangobiyi,


For making most of the non programmatic things available to us that helps us save time and collaborating with complete activeness.

We believe that good projects are done between people, not brands.