Don Arturo is a restaurant for which a mobile application is created specifically for
the Sancho BBDO employees to order food through the app anytime they want. The
order can be delivered to their place or can be picked up from the restaurant itself.

The Backstory

Working throughout the day at the workplace makes the employees dull and tired and providing them with their favorite food at such a time can make them really energetic. Keeping this in mind our Client Sancho BBDO thought of creating something to ease the lives of their employees and keep them stay energetic and healthy.

Our client approached us for creating a mobile application that lets their employees order their favorite food with ease and enjoy it anytime they want.

How the Application Works?

A special card for Don Arturo has been created specifically for the Sancho BBDO employees, which is used for ordering food and making the payment. The card is a prepaid card which holds money and can be refilled anytime by the users.

color palette

CMYK: 04 93 73 0 HEX: #e63946 RGB: 230 57 0
CMYK: 3 4 10 0 HEX: #f5eee1 RGB: 245 238 225
CMYK: 38 31 32 1 HEX: #a3a3a3 RGB: 163 163 163
CMYK: 73 61 51 34 HEX: #424b54 RGB: 66 75 84

Product Features

Don Arturo Card Payment

Instead of making payment of the food through Credit or Debit Card, a special Don Arturo Card is provided to all the employees who want to use the application for ordering food to let the employees avail all the nice features of the application.

Card Balance Management

Users can track the available balance within their card through the application itself, which helps them to easily track and making orders accordingly. Anyone with the low balance can view it and all the money using his Debit/Credit Card.

Delivery and Pickup

The application provides users the facility to deliver the food at their workplace. Users can also pick up their food by themselves or dine in at the restaurant itself as per their convenience and ease.

Order Status

When the order has been made, the order can easily be tracked through its status. Users can find out whether their food has been cooked, ready or delivered without assuming on their on.

Summarize the Entire Order

Before making the confirmation of the order, the application summarizes the entire story with all the calculations based on the quantity and price in front of the user.

Order History

Users can navigate anytime in the history to check for their past orders in case they need it for any reason. They can navigate back date wise to check their exact order for that specific duration.

How we Planned the Development

Android Java

There is no match in mobile application development for Android phones better than the Android SDK build on top of Java and is extremely fast and reliable technology for Android application development.

Objective C

For making the application available to the iOS users, we implemented the development programming in Objective C looking at the behavior of the application and on Client’s request.

HTTP Client

We used the HTTP services to make a communication between the client and the server in a more appropriate manner. HTTP is a widely used and is the most popular means of communication service between the client and the server.


It is an open source networking library specifically meant for the iOS development that helps in creating a communication between the client and the server. It is a well designed and modular library which helps in creating a powerful application.


For creating the entire design of the application and to bring the total perfection in the design, photoshop has been used for creating images and creating overall graphics of the application.

Social Media Integration

Login with Outlook and Gmail functionality has been made available to the users for both Apple and Android for customers to avail the feature of storing their basic information to the application without signing up separately.

Google Analytics

Firebase Analytics: It is a free library made available by Google to monitor the application and track the usage of every specific sections of the application. It provides the insights of the application to improvise the marketing and development strategies.

Push Notification

Firebase Cloud Messaging :

It is a cloud messaging provider which we used to render push notifications to the customers. It helps in communicating with the Android customers whenever they are not using the application which can be related to new offers, bills etc.

Apple Push Notification Service :

It’s a remote notification service feature provided by the Apple community for sending push notification in Apple devices.

Crash Reports

Crashlytics (By Fabric) :

It is used for managing the application crash records with reasons for an Android Device. Whenever the application gets crashed in the middle of using, crashlytics helps development easier by providing report with the reasons of the crash which helps in fixing issues easily.

Firebase :

It is used to generate the crash report, same as that of Crashlytics but for their iOS device. It helps iOS developers generating the reason for crash more easily and fix it in the shortest time possible.

comiere ipad

Special Thanks


Client’s Representative

For believing in us with his different approach and ideas for creating this application.

Viviana Cacua

Project Manager

For continuously staying in touch throughout the development process and his collaboration.

We believe that good projects are done between people, not brands.