Comiere is a web application that helps patients and providers interact with each
other for medical consultations. An appointment can be booked by both old and
new patients in case of emergencies or for a regular checkup. The application
manages the timings of appointments.

The Backstory

Sickness is something that can happen anytime without knocking the door and when it arrives, the first thing that may come to anyone’s mind is calling a doctor. With the advancement of technology, making a doctor available at the right time has been made easier.

Our Client, Imran Haider came to us with the idea of creating a web application that can connect the patients and the doctor in a more efficient manner. Whether it be an immediate requirement or a regular checkup, making a doctor available to the patient is a main theme of the application.

Booking an Appointment

Patients can book an appointment with any provider of any speciality and choose his convenient time for appointment from the available time slots.

Provider’s Schedule Arrangements

Providers can manage their patient's appointment and treatment details in their own panel. They can arrange their daily schedule based on their convenient timings. They can mark their availability timings and let their patients choose their preferred timings from it.

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Product Features

Online Scheduling

An online schedule can be created by the patients to book an appointment on the available time slots. The patients just need to fill in their basic details in their preferred time.

Social Media Integration

All the major social media integration has been made. Patients can log-in with Facebook, Google or Twitter as per their convenience if they don’t want to sign up separately.

Schedule Tracking on Calendar 

The schedule can be tracked by both Patient and Provider on the Calendar to check for the availability. The calendar keeps a note of all the time slot with description for that day, week and even a year.

Every Time Zone Compatibility

Comiere can keep the track of all the time zones irrespective of the place from where the booking has been made from. The application can book a time slot in a more convenient way, even if the time zone of patient differs with the provider.

Video Consultation

Patients can book a Video consultation appointment with the provider where the provider can guide the patient on a live cam.

How we Planned the Development

how we planned development
how we planned development


We decided to use AngularJS as a front-end Development Framework with its immense popularity and power. It is also very much compatible with projects like Comiere that makes use of intense filtering and powerful search operations.


Photoshop was used for the designing of the application and wire framing where the photoshop images were converted into HTML to create a template.

Local Storage

We used browser’s Local Storage to store most of the commonly loaded data over time to make it available instantly to the user without waiting for the loader.

Amazon S3

Storing images in a more proper and convenient manner is very important not only for security but also for performance and therefore we relied more on Amazon S3 for file storage of the application.

Social Media

We integrated Facebook, Google and Twitter social media API’s for the login purpose for any user to login to the application. We used third party libraries to make things more proficient.


To make the application available in multiple languages, locales have been used to let the application detect the browser’s default language and display the application in that language.

The End Product

Comiere has achieved some great success in the market soon after its launch. Most of the providers have liked the idea and are constantly active in the application. People are finding the application so helpful for interactions and consultations with a very decent and easy navigational user interface.

The server side

The backend of Comiere is created using Java. The client already had most of the API’s developed in JAVA through his other partners. They continued with the API development of the application and collaborated with us to develop the front-end functionality of the application.

comiere ipad

Special Thanks

Imran Haider

Product Manager

For being a very important part in making this project successful with his ideas.

Wentao Lin,

Backend Developer

For his so simplified and adorable work on the backend which helped us build the front-end in a more convenient manner.

We believe that good projects are done between people, not brands.